ULTRA VOMIT (Fra): “M. Patate” Cd 2005 Obliteration


Ultravomit is a total fun band made up by four total jackasses that released a full-length album on Obliteration from Japan. Before listening to the disc itself, I suggest you to scrutinize the studio footage these four jerks have filmed as extra-multimedia tracks (the footage is longer than the Cd, btw): the videos are rather well done and their editing is fluid and quite good indeed. The cuts are non-existant and the camera very steady, doesn’t sound amateur work. The footage is divided into chapters with totally ludicrous names, such as the “ghost tracks” which consists in these three idiots shaking chains in front of the mic. I really hardly resisted laughing when I saw Fetus armpit-farting in the mic. You can really tell all special effects were not just synth tricks…

Coming to the music, if you strip all the bollocks (i.e. Epic Metal “choruses”, farting noises etc.), this is a fantastic goregrind band, not just tight but also proficient in their instruments. The sound production is crystal-clear so you get the whole picture well and these guys are not banal in songwriting. They have elements from any aspect of grindgore, powerful slamming, fast blazing drums, etc. you can hear CBT, Mortician, LDOH etc in this Cd. Of course the whole is so dressed up with tons of jokes one might get occasionally distracted. I’d like to have these guys listen to bands like Knife Fight before making fun of NYHC they imitate as if they were fucking Biohazard. Oh well. I have the impression these guys are really like high-school students having fun during math lessons; between pics and thankslists, there is a good load of references to cartoons (track 22 is a cover of a famous “romantic” anime Kimagure Orange Road, “Milhouse by the Cemetery” clearly comes from The Simpsons etc.), the Ghostbusters, the Transformers, action figures of all kinds, comedy actors (as. the ALMIGHTY Luuis De Fune) etc. up to totally nonsense stuff like inspector Poirot or 4 cheese pizza. It is a challenge to put everything in line ah ah!

Booklet layout looks like shit, but you get the clear picture it was done on purpose, just to fit the concept. I generally strongly dislike when one makes fun of gore, but when bands like this, Gronibard or Birdflesh devote their music to comic entertainment it just makes sense to me.

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