ANATA (Swe): “The Conductor’s Departure” Cd 2006 Wicked World

ANATA (Swe):

This is Anata’s fourth album… Wll, I didn’t really care much for the previous three and I admit I still don’t care much for this either. The vocals are maybe the only good thing in this album, classic Death Metal growls (why nobody descrives this band as death metal? they’re clearly a death metal band, even if warped), but other than that I cannot really get into this kind of super-technical stuff. It’s an album that stands a bit close to Necrophagist “Epitaph”, although much slower (wich Necrophagist were still playing as in their first demo, sigh), or Gorgut‘s last two albums, although not that dissonant, or maybe Oppressor. The guitar work is horrendous, the riffs some kind of banal modern thrash with some wicked twist, but basically really sloppy. I know there are several listeners which can get into this technical thing but I realy cannot stand skill showoffs in Death Metal unless musicianship is used as a mean to give order to extremely brutal music (i.e. Suffocation, Monstrosity, Nile), and here we songs which are, sadly, neither. Splendid arrangements in its own genre (everchanging riffs, crisp production) which don’t meet much appreciation here at NAHQs. Other than ugly riffs, there is some melody as well spinning at times, which only renders it all less memorable. I am intolerant when I meet this kind of “hey, I can play this difficult” bands.

Interesting artwork on the cover, looks like Killustrations! work, but not sure, there is no cover info the promo sheet. I am very interested in hearing Rotinjected instead, the band’s real Death Metal side project (I hope it’s not bollocks like Chaosbreed), if anyone has a recording please let me know, it might be worth checking.

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