DECAPITATED (Pol): “The Negation” Cd 2004 Earache


While no doubt a real mind shattering display of musical prowess and old dear – uncompromising brutality – there is at the same time nothing really new about the new Decapitated album. Luckily, someone would probably add with relief. Here we have another show of real over the top, or better – state of the art – as the bio suggests – Death Metal. Flawless production and razor sharp execution leave really little to imagination or atmosphere, Decapitated just strikes once more with a super-technical album full of their trademark chugga chugga stop and go riffs and superfast drum blasts, not to mention the classic virtuoso solos etc etc. However, I have to admit that unlike countrymates Yattering, this band has quite a personal sound, and a good groove which doesn’t bore on the long run. This might be easily an album that purists might come to adore and procliam as paragon, on the other hand the fact there are no visible flaws in the album doesn’t necessarily mean that it is destined to be a new classic for me as well. It’s just plain good, although well, I guess musicians will appreciate it way more than the ones who look after emotivity and real Death inspiring music, in other words you don’t really breathe and see the face of the grim reaper while liustening to this msic, not it breathes total sickness either.

Vote: 7.5

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