DEICIDE (USA/Fl): “Scars of the Crucifix” Cd 2004 Earache


True, I have always supported that Deicide have faced an unexpected and inexorbale backfire after that legendary album “Legion” which has been their masterpiece, not to mention one of the most unique Death Metal records ever released. Although I have to admits that in this album the group has returned to indeed remarkable qualitative levels. “Scars of the Crucifix” is not perhaps a meisterwerk of absolute innovation but it is for sure a turning point for several aspects which the band carried out thus far as steady marks of their unique sound in the past 10 and over years. First of all the album is indeed varied, complex and at the same time kissed by a remarkable compositiva consistency. To begin with, the Hoffman bros have loosened a bit their vice as far as their “noise” integralism on solos is concerned: this time they are present, even vaguely melodic and give a character of artistic maturity to the entirety, which however remain pure bonegrinding Death Metal , with the mythical blasphemous lyrics without too many excesses of circumlocutions (“Fuck Your God “etc), vocals that seem articlated with clenched teeth, and the trademark blast beats. Undoubtedly this is the best thing that I hear from their part since “Legion”, and I add that in some points you wonder if you’re still listening to Deicide… In any case the last Deicide is indeed something to hear at least once, personally I think this is indeed a really beautiful album: complete, with a sky high recording quality (good ole Morrisound), and a shitload of blasphemous black energy. For those who were about to forget about them, here is a good show of what they’re still able to do. Superb!

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