FECULENCE (USA/Pa): “Shitfaced” Cd 2000 Human Cesspool


This Cd is simply horrible. Starting from the cover and packaging it’s a fucking bundle of lo-fi garbage centered on the themes of sexual sickness, gerontophilia and of course, excrements. The pictures used on the front cover (geez, these Japanese people are really the sickest in the world) and inner graphics are totally fucked up grabbed plainly from the Internet (many I have seen multiple times), with fist size pixels and not the farthest idea of a border or taste for layout. As you put the disc on the Cd player you recognize the shit inside could be nothing but scat-gore grind, with super sewer sound, phlegmy vocals, some thin shrieks and abundance of movie samples. Like for the artwork, there is no talent or finesse here, just I don’t give a fuck gore-grind, plain and simple. The Cd is kind of divided into 4 parts, the earliest songs are the most recent ones, and in my opinion the best ones, there are a few in which the singers starts clearing his throat from the phlegm and the guitars really become so cruchy and downtuned they almost sound like they were frying fish and chips on the speakers. As the Cd proceeds, you basically get earlier and earlier material, until the last track which was recorded back in 1995 (damn, already 11 years?). No need to add this delirium is really my kind of music, fucked up sound and everything, and I couldn’t retstrain from buying it after 2 seconds had elapsed from the start. The real flaws on this disc however are a fundamental lack of a real ogre singer (I wonder what this band could do with a better use of harmonizers or a inborn talented phlegm-master like Stevo of Impetigo) and the sound of the guitars which gets thinnner in the bonus tracks (from track 10 on) but as said before the last tracks have been recorded later so… Fucking great, even the radio station samplers in the end. AH!

Vote: 8.3

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