GADGET (Swe): “Remote” Cd 2004 Relapse


Will Relapse ever stop to find great talents? And will Sweden ever stop to provide them with fresh meat? I have their split with Exhumed but failed to recognize all the due potential of this band, I guess I was too excited after the gore gore imagery of Exhumed to give them more than a fast listen. However in short we’re talking about the modern branch grind core, the one with superior recording quality and drum blasts that split the second in sheer precision, Gadget have the same charming rage of great bands like Rotten Sound and Cerebral Turbilency, although they have trade some of the earliers groove for some of the latters consistency and overall tightness. I do NOT care much for songs like “Failure” which is just a bunch of the same old bollocks: slow dissonant sonorities with a veil of sadness like the other million postcore (what’s the name of this shit today? Metalcore?) bands out there. When they blast they really touch remarkable levels of intensity, but when these parts set in… oh my… Erase track number ten and you get a really fantastic show of grind with the right proprotion of muscle and mind. Top notch.

Vote: 8.2

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