GOREROTTED (Eng): “Split Your Guts Vol 1.” split Cd with GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spa), GRONIBARD (Fra) 2003 Deep Send


The Gorerotted tracks are re-recordings of their first demo/Mcd “Her Gash I Did Slash”. I didn’t like that release at all when it was released back then, but I must admit that the songs sound a bit better now with new sound. Apart from the “Mutilated in Minutes” album which I found fucking brilliant, I am not a big fan of anything this band released afterwards, their last album on top. Far from “one of the 7 greatest bands of all times” anyway, as someone said. Structurally Gorerotted are not the typical Death/Grind inspired by Carcass, despite the double vocals, becouse apart from some groovy chords riminiscent of Amott’s works (which by the way destroyed the band, but that’s another matter), the music is mostly mid-tempo Death Metal a bit straighter in structure than the band cited before. The drums are a bit stiff but they have some personality, with some creative us of the cymbals, but fundamentally the guitar riffs a la “Tools of the Trade”/”Necroticism” are neither sick nor brutal, hanging somewhere in beteween standard Metal with some of the headbanging vein which has become Ghoul‘s trademark signature. Personally I think this is the weakest part of the three way, as I didn’t like these songs before and still don’t do despite the new arrangements (and, hey the clean nasty vocals are real boring). There is a total rip off of Metallica‘s “Call of Chtulhu” at the beginning of the third song but who knows, maybe it was intentional.

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