GRONIBARD (Fra): “Split Your Guts Vol 1.” split Cd with GOREROTTED (Eng), GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spa) 2003 Deep Send


I am afraid I had enough of Ultra Vomit this year for what concerns hilarous gore grind, but Ultra Vomit is also a lot heavier than Gronibard and probably more classic ’00 goregrind, while apart from the choruses these tracks sound a bit like a cross of old school Death and more modern stuff (not to mention this split is older than “M. Patate”. The music is still much into experimentation, with some funny moments a la Macabre, but also strong moments of good music, just messed up and cut with inserts of guitar schizopheria or drunk choruses. This up and down of good music and fun-made arrangements with Mickey Mouse vocals has started to bore me I must confess. If they stripped these tracks from all the bollocks, we might have solid death/goregrind shit, but I don’t think listening to the same fun jokes more than once still mainatins the same effectiveness. The cover of this Cd is still by the fun super splatter artist Jake of Tales from Uranus (does he respond to any of your emails? I think I have written him at least a dozen times but never got a reply). A bit colorful but totally fits the atmosphere of old 70’s horror comics with a modern interpretation.

Vote: 6.7

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