GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spa): “Split Your Guts Vol 1.” split Cd with GOREROTTED (Eng), GRONIBARD (Fra) 2003 Deep Send


Since when Gruesome Stuff Relish has become so good? Here we have again a band whose name starts with the letter “G” but better yet, a band whose Carcass worship comes not for the fucked up Amott wasted albums, but from their glorious two discs with splatter collage covers. The music in these tracks has the rocking energy of earlier Exhumed, with a perfect balance of distortion, gurgling vocals and grind core blasts. I am not afraid to say I prefer this band to Haemorrhage, when we talk about Spanish Gore Metal/Grind. The song titles are still inspired by the best of horror celluloid such as the Shockumentary “Faces of Death”, the Argento trilogy of the three mothers, “Nightmare City” etc. instead of pathological fantasy. Too bad we don’t have a lyricsheet here. Anyway still reconnecting to the Exhumed quote, this band has become capable of incredibly cool arrangements, with a thrashing flow which does not sound as exaggerated and ridicolous like Ghoul‘s, but is still able to mix fun with gore in a not too cartoonish way. And great double vocal approach.

Vote: 8.5

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