PUTREFIED GENITALIA (Grc): “Forced Self Castration” split Cd with ATAVISM (Grc) 2006 s/p


The atmosphere becomes a little bit looser with the Putrefied Genitalia side. I was not familiar with previous releases of theirs so no comparisons here. The recordings is a step less oppressive and the music a bit more played, if you know what I mean, with some Slayersih riffs, which sometimes remind a bit too much of a musical scales than real chords, but generally speaking, it’s all an up and down of delicious grinding riffs with an evil, gargling vocals and more standard Death Metal with super guttural grunts, with some arpeggios, some experiments and stuff. I am afraid there is not much coherence in the whole and it’s probably due to some inexperience, becouse you have good elements here, just a bit scattered. I cannot tell if it’s all a fault of the mix, but some chemistry is missing definitely in these songs. It’s like there are a bunch of good ideas but the arrangements are a bit abrupt, sound like cut and paste. After a second spin I have started to see a bit of logic in this stuff however, and my liking has increased, after all this is an original mix of melancholic bridges, gore vocals and almost Black Metal grimness. Sure there are some bad riffs (the opening in “Liquidation” is BAD), but the singer has nasty vocals with a lot of phlegm and swicthes from minotaur gargles to mucous spittle with right timing (the vocals are definitely the best thing in Putrefied Genitalia, real clever and versatile), and what’s real good is that sometimes you got the old magic Greek touch of adding some melancholic melody above the lines, even within the thickest of brutality. This is very different stuff from Atavism but not necessarily bad. Two complains: they might be a bit more selective of the choice of riffs and get rid of 70% of them – in my opinion, they don’t need that many – and maybe should give the songs a bit more flow (that’s the most important) and give some time for the drummer to ger rid of some stiffness and you might get some real neat original, brutal stuff with some feeling. Oppressive and weirdly disturbing, this is a band that I really want to hear improve.

Vote: 7.2

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