TUMOUR (Hol): “Goreaholic” Cd 2006 Klysma


Hell yes, this is the kind of shit that made me want to restart with the webzine! I was very happy to receive a package like this becouse I could smell the underground feel once more, just as if these Cds were the xeroxed demo tapes of my tapetrading days. The package came with flyers in it and it was cool becouse I haven’t really had cool flyers for a while in my correspondence…

Tumour is a kind of solo project of Rogier of Last Days Of Humanity, Carnival Of Carnage, Intumescence, Vomit Sex, Progeria, Trauma Team etc. (the split Trauma Team/Anal Birth is still great noisy shit!), coupled with another guy named Jordi. You could have already hear them before since their discography is quite long. They recently released a split with Faeces Eruption on Last House on the Right which is widely available. “Goreaholic” (acronym for Gastric Oozed Rejects Embalming Abhorrent Heaps of Liquified Innard Cataclysm) is a collection of old works from 1999-2001, remastered and partially re-recorded ( I think just the vocals) for this 32 piece attack of totally sewage, liquid, pudding gargling goregrind. I have seen in their disco that they already released a Goreaholics in 2002 but it’s probably contained here.

The first note go to the vocals, it’s like recording a guy singing beneath the water surface in a bathtub, it’s just a totally liquid noise of bubbles gargling frantically. Musically, this is not excessively advanced but definitely more coherent than Trauma Team for instance. It’s basically mid-paced 85% of the time, with distorted guitars but the overall sound is not excessively dark or suffocating, maybe some more distortion would have added some depth. Anyway apart from this, the music is great fun to listen. There is a lot of irony in the riffs of the first 5 or so songs, which almost remind of tv jingles… however they disappear in the rest of the Cd, you hear the heavy guitars penning one heavy note at a time, and in the background sometimes weird, acute, sometimes it sounds like a keyboard but I can’t really tell, maybe it’s just high guitar notes or the scratching of the cords. Even if I said the sound could have been a little heavier, the production is perfect. The boiling water vocals are pervasive but do not cover the rest of the instruments and that is definitely due to good mixing. The blasts are few and in between but I really like them, they’re really a wall of sound, especially if you add this sick vocals over them, total mess! Even if this is not fast grind we’re far from bulldozing “slam” goregrind in the German style, here every note in the riff is clear and distinct. Remember to follow Carnivora I and II becouse they’re greta hits. Ah!

Packaging is good, the embossing on the logo and writings could be removed but I am sure they did it to give the effect of sickly green spittle, which is not excessively effective. However the cover art is sick, a grisly humorous massacre drawn by the famous Jake of Tales from Uranus comics. I started to become a bit bored of humorous cartoons but they really fit to perfection in this release.
Klysma rex: Lievekamplaan 52, 5341 GX Oss, Holland

Vote: 8.8

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