URKRAFT (Dnk): “The Inhuman Aberration” Cd 2006 Earache


Hearing this kind of bands is an endless agony. I don’t know exactly why but they really move something within my nervous system. This kind of new wave of thrash metal made in northern Europe really puzzles me. The riffs have not the weakest inch of power, let alone the pretense to produce “primal force” as the name Urkraft implies. Thrash Metal in the 80’s enclosed a dose of raw energy these bands on the line of The Haunted and faggotry are not even dreaming. The only good thing I can find here is the guitar sound which is mildly old-school Swedish, but then these clowns start throwing in keyboards, horrible half-screamed vocals and other gay elements such as the spoken voice that spoil the little good one has to struggle to find. Modern thrash with no hooks. And their haircuts are among the worse I have seen since The Dilliger Escape Plan, have a laugh here!

Vote: 3.5

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