ANAL NOSOROG (Rus): “The Beautiful People” MCd 2006 Soulflesh Collector


Some things to say here. Let’s start from the fact that generally speaking I love noisy fuzz shit a la Anal Cunt, Seven Minutes of Nausea, End of Silence, Pile of Eggs, Minch, Hypo Christians etc., I was very heavily into this genre in the late eigthies and that’s what I was expecting to hear while I got this Anal Nosorog Cd in the mailbox, wrapped like a pork chop withing 2 inches of shrinkwrap. A Mini Cd I’d say, since it’s just 14 minutes long. The whole booklet is a big black and white collage of captions of people in stupid poses and a handful of beautiful Eastern chicks. The statement on the back of the jewelcase is a completely random stream of consiousness of casual thoughts, and the lyrics are, well, ah ah, just “greawww greaww ghghrgrhhgs…”, ahah, like Centinex‘s Death Metal Karaoke. So my idea here was to hear impossibly raw noisecore of the shittiest kind, but when I put the Cd in the player, the thing that came out was completely different from what I expected. Let’s skip the comments about the multimedia tracks you can watch when you read the Cd with a computer (the live shows are nice to see, but the best spot is the penis swordfight with coin-op martial arts game music in the background, I was laughing my guts off, ah ah!). Anal Nosorog isn’t grind in the commonest sense of the word. It is grind for not more than 30 seconds in the whole recording. There is surely an overabundant share of boring loops a la Prodigy/Aphex Twin in here for being a truly raging grind band, seems like these guys wanted to experiment a bit with a midi sequencer, but really “Mushroomheads” and “I Do” are an endless fucking agony to complete. As for the rest of the songs, the songs are made of extremely bare punk riffs with semi-industrial metal turns and a mix of ultra low frog croaks and a few higher more classic screams. The last song is again a bit different, a bid sludgy in the vein of Cock and Ball Torture, but without the bulldozing groove. Summing it up, there is a weird mix of genres in here, and the best part of it all might be the very first song, but to be completely honest, there is just too much a simplicistic use of electronics in here, not to mention the Fudge Tunnel‘s like guitar phrases and acid trip hops. It might even have sounded cool if these things were arranged properly (hailz Skeleton of God), but in the end there is no cohesion between the genres and you don’t even get the idea of schizophrenic drug induced dizziness that earlier Crrepo bands were able to create. Even if I like the spirit, the music isn’t that fun. My problem isn’t that this thing is too stupid or too nonsense, on the contrary, it’s not ENOUGH noisty and wickedly strange! Pump up the volume and add some fucking madness in here, you irresponsible purtridities!

Vote: 6.4

THE EVERSCATHED (USA-Il): “Razor of Unrest” Cd 2006 Open Grave


I have read some people branding this band as old school Death Metal in the vein of Obituary.. well honestly the 2 seconds where the comparison might withstand is at the beginnning of the song “Wounds of Confusion”, and then again I think these vocals are closer to Christian Mertens in the debut of Dark Millenium (what an album is that one) than any John Tardy’s. Anyway… The Everscathed play nice old school Thrash/Death Metal, souding like an American band which is still passing the transition between the two genres in the early 90’s. No shadow of Obituary‘s heavily Celtic Frost – worshipping droning dismal sound is present, but for sure there is a dose of solid riffs that succeed in remaining in a classic mid tempo without sounding weak just like the band from Brandon, which is quite rare nowadays and I bet quite difficult to arrange as well. I am afraid however that they miss the wrapping, dark sound I loved so much in other earlier 90’s Death Metal bands like Decrepit, Baphomet, Rotrrevore we end up having something like a light version of Death Metal which resides in a strange limbo: neither dark, nor brutal, not groovy nor fast, yet none of the songs are also banal nor stupid, I’d prefere to say ther’re an excellent, heavier Thrash Metal band more than a standard Death Metal one. Any bad remarks would be unfair since the vocals are good (hey check out the hidden “Aggressive Perfector” cover at the end, those vocals are amazing!!) and the song structures effective while very simple. Who knows what would have happened with slightly different sounds, for example with Grave‘s guitar sound and Jorgen’s vocal tune… Again, this album is a good example of straight to the point sincere early Death Metal, but suffers from being painfully middle ground on all fronts. Mid-range vocals, mid-range speed, mid-range distortion (with a headstrong accent on the bass guitar) etc. I feel there is a good potential for advancement but yet there is something that still needs to develop. This is a good choice for lovers of earlier Death Metal more oriented towards song structures than a brutal sound, I think it would be good for people who used to like bands as Abominog, Los Angeles’ Incubus, maybe Deceased or the more recent Occult. The cover artwork and packaging are also sooo deliciously nineties as well. Very simple but not minimalistic, just plain old school. The production is too crisp but then the textures are so wide and clear it would not have suffered much from anything less perfect than this.

Vote: 7.2

NAMEK (Prt): “Vaginator” Cd 2006 Everydayhate

NAMEK (Prt):

Judging by the cartoonish appearance of this package it wouldn’t surprise me if Namek was named after the Dragonball’s planet of super warriors similar in look to a manga version of DC Universe’s Martian Manhunter. Ah. Whatever the case this packaging looks splendid. This might be one of the most professional packaging I have ever seen for a gore grind Cd since the last Black Hole releases. Pure good taste and professional work, perfect color schemes, sharp pictures, in a overally clean, balanced design. It is a pleasure to look a professional work once in a while, especially on a small underground label as Poland’s Everydayhate. Namek‘s name was not unfamiliar (already got the Gut cover track and something on tape) but this is the first time I can concentrate on the band fully in over half an hour of groovy, powerful goregrind. The sound here is not sludgy a la Cock and Ball Torture nor dissonantly extreme as Last Days of Humanity or Sublime Cadaveric Compisition: I’d surely say we’re more in the vein of middle-age Neuropathia, just with slightly heavier, pumped up guitar sound and a bit less rock’n’crusty overall approach. What’s sure is that this shit is chock full of energy, probably much influenced by punk contaminations, while standing firmly in Gore Grind ground, with a hugely fat guitar sound and impossibly harmonizer-distorted guttural vocals. There are a few stupid samples here, but they’re luckily kept to a minimum, so you generally get this powerful droning power chords mixing with the vocals in a sticky, cluttered mess of low notes. Bass and guitar have the Dead Infection kind of distortion, so you probably get the point. This is full volume grind with concrete structure, not just noisy fun. Songs are an average of two minutes, so we’re sligtly above the average. This is one of the top lever goregrind bands I’d suggest if one’s adverse to complete fuzzy chaotic gore. There is a coherent structure in the songs and they’re just good for headbanging, even if they lack the blastbeats and methodical dodging of melodies of earlier grind (which is honestly more like my cup of tea). In any case this is a superior release from every angle. Great packaging, great sound, great music. I was just shocked when I was reading the thanklist… I was seriously considering my age when I read this line: “this colossal noise machine started in the long distant year of 1998…” what?? Distant 1998? Oh my… time’s running so fucking fast…

Vote: 8.6

CORPSEVOMIT (USA-Il): “Raping the Ears of Those Above” Cd 2001 Blackened Moon


“Raping the Ears of Those Above” non Š un album che si colloca facilmente ne’ all’interno della nuova scuola ne’ della vecchia scuola Death Metal… tecnicamente ineccepibile, Š un album che si evolve in continuazione, con migliaia di riff, tempi di batteria assurdi, vagamente SUFFOCATION in alcuni punti, eppure senza mai sfociare in un a kermesse di suoni incoerenti. A guidicare dalla lunghezza e dalla complessit… dei pezzi si pu• valutare che questo album non Š stato partorito in dieci minuti, alcuni pezzi li avevo gi… sentiti su un paio di loro demo di qualche anno fa, rivisitati e ripuliti per l’occasione. Voce gutturale, e un suono decisamente moderno, eppure in questo album si percepisce una variet… e una freschezza tipica del Death Metal pi— incontaminato, con lunghi passaggi di ampio respiro, non prettamente “atmosferici” ma cadenziati cos da spezzare il ritmo tra un blastbeat e l’altro. Brutal Death tecnico e massiccio, mai a velocit… impossibili ma decisamente evoluto. Molto Buooono.

Vote: 8.1

OATH TO VANQUISH (Lbn): “Applied Schizophrenic Science” Cd 2006 Grindethic


Once more I got an incomplete promo, hand written Cdr with color xeroxed cover, but this time it annoys me a bit since this band is from Lebanon, and the lyrics according the their homepage, were written about the politic and social problems of that country, They might have been an interesting read for once. Whatever. The cover art here looks real neat, it’s made of pictures retouched and combined to create a vaguely McKean-esque effect. Hands with knifes protruding from a head, all covered with scratches and thick exressionist brushstrokes. The result is really cool, especially the use of reddish colors to create the idea of a vibrant insanity. Cheerio to Mike Bohatch for this work, I just hope he was aware of the way this logo and title were placed on his work. An artist would probably have gone for something less invasive. Whatever. I think the main issue with the genre this band plays is that tigthness and density is completely fundamental. Now that’s exactly my problem with this “Applied Schizophrenic Science”; first off the album suffers from a indistinct production, it lacks some cohesion becouse the vocals are really too high and the drums tend to fall behind, so basically you lose some of the combined force this might have had. Second, the high vocals have no big punch, not completely flat like Anatomy, but not aggressive enough to match the brutal guitar sound. And third: the arrangements themselves are not that compact, I know this seems to be one of the genres Americans have an extra token for, but some bands like Severe Torture here in Europe and neighbouring countries have succeeded in creating a personal style while laying on the American tested framework. Other than that, this Oath to Vanquish is fundamentally a Death Metal band with very deep vocals alternating with very high ones, vaguely dissonant slow bridges, some touches of loose, fast melodies and a decent personal sound. Neither the power chords nor the loose progressions have a real priority here and the band shifts often between different approaches, which either gives variety to the songs but also deprives it of some identity. All in all I am at the third listen of this Cd and yet I cannot decide if I like it or not. What’s sure I’d like to slide out the high vocals from the mix before saying anything more. I think we were not completely ready for a full album here, it’s just a bit undecided, neither brutal nor experimental (and definitely not grind, what’s the idea of grindcore for these people writing reviews?). I’ll maybe give it another try in a few months.

Vote: 6.3

VELONNIC SIN (USA-Ny): “Ritual” Cd 2005


I cannot be mild when records like this arrive to my doorstep for review. This thing just suck. Modern black metal kids might call it black metal, but for sure this has none of the elements that made Black Metal a form of extreme evil art. First off, the recording is way too synthetic: the drums sound as if they’ve been triggered heavily and the effect that comes out is that of a plastic drum machine. The vocals are just shrieky and not evil, chilling or frightening or whatever at all, not to mention enormously flat, just a constant fuzz. The riffs are not loose like Dark Throne but more like Thrash Metal riffs with a very few intermezzos of melodic Norwegian feel (like early Satyricon, Emperor etc), and thsi especially true for the last tracks taken from their split with Sin Origin so basically this comes out sounding like a mumble jumble of elements hardly mix. The lyrics are about mythology and they’re rather well written, and the packaging too might have been good, since they used classic paintings and sculptures as a base but it seems has the bad habit of placing a horrible embossing effect even of gothic fonts (omg!). There is some sparce use of sytnths here, sometimes used to create the effect of a Gregorian shorus, but it is placed just so badly that you have the impression of an accidental overdub. There is little to save here. I’d like to use Fenriz’s words: “You call your metal Black but it’s just lame and weak”. Come on, do people really like this stuff?

Vote: 4

WASTEFORM (USA-Ny): “Crushing the Reviled” Cd 2006 Nice to Eat You/Sevared


Wasteform is a band that plays that kind of super-compressed chugging Brutal Death standing in between the heavier

breakdowns of Dying Fetus and early Skinless, plus some wicked harmonics that add a sense of weirdness to the mix.

However the effect I get is more of something sounding like Rotting and earlier Jungle Rot, that is, stuff that’s

boring me on the long run. If there is a sense of heaviness in these power riffs I am not getting it completely,

this might be the same case with Revenance. While the band has some accelerations and dissonand chords that make

them souding a bit more evoluted, the basis is obviously that of classic NY slam-Death, with that super fat guitar

sound and the metallic distorted bass-string touch which Skinless perfected in the late nineties. I read that the

band members all come from an Hard Core background and indeed the good thing is that there are no metal rides here,

but mostly beefy guitar riffs and guttural vocals with a good angry tonality. While this is by no means sleepy or

aimless, and I mean the songs are structured well and played with flawless precision, the point is I am not in a

mood of listening to this kind of bands lately. Sometimes Wasteform pounds and hits hard but mostly we’re a bit out

of synch, there is just too much music bridging between the vocal lines and being no musician, I prefer to hear the

roaring beast crack and roll a bit more. Technical, heavy and with a good dose of disharmonious tremolo picking,

this is probably a good choice for lovers of heavy riffs and neat, clean sounds, but mostly for players that can

read between the lines. I dunno, I just don’t get the punch in the stomach that I got from earlier Skinless… and

that dissonant twists are just nonessentials to me. Add more meat and skip the sauce, please.
The packaging looks fine, blood encrusted and with some gleaming metal edges, not properly readable all the time,

but lloking fine. This album is actually a second pressing plus 2006 demo tracks (10-14), check them at the end, becouse

there is definitely something good going on there.

Oh my I just read that the album’s first press was even

PRODUCED by Sherwood of Skinless. Gotcha!

Vote: 7.3