EXCREMENT (Mex): “Surgical Exorcism” split Cd with HIPERMENORREA (Mex) 2006 Alarma!


This is one of that kind of releases I always freak out for: South American splatter-gore Metal, with outrageously explicit covers, lyrics and sound. Both the bands on this Cd already appeared on the Mexican Gore Mafia compilation but hearing a handful of tracks on a real release sounds even better. Compared to Flesh Grinder, Disgorge or Rotthennes this cover artwork seemed a bit mild from afar but once I watched it closely I found it deliciously gross and totally gore. Fuck yes. It’s somewhat akind to Disgorge‘s “Forensick” in concept but instead of a simple sculpture (IIRC the Disgorge cover symbolized an abortion happened during a car accident where the bitch was ejected from the car) this time it looks like a real thing. There is also a little bit of blasphemy in the gore concept of this band which sounds just as cool. Musically the band sounds like a simplified version of Disgorge or Exhumed indeed, even though the clear vocals are neatly separated from the guttural ones, and well, maybe not as effective, despite a slightly impish, malignant tune, they sounds far from early Carcass and more like Necrophagia which is not a good thing. Vocals apart the music is sheer chaos, violent and blasting. I tend to love a rough sound but generally better when it is saturated with basses, when here you have an almost “live” sound which is devoid of bass and high tunes, so the result is kinda flat was it not for the hammering snare drums. From track 4 on, the sound becomes thighter and fatter though, so the music highly gains from it. I love the sound in these other three tracks, there are even some wicked harmonics which adds to the feeling of sickness and a solo as well, so they must be definitely tracks recorded in a second moment. They are still a bit too much in the vein of Disgorge but that’s definitely not a turn off for me. Absolutely enjoyable, real Carcass worshipping patho splatter shit. Hell seems like these Mexicans have the right attitude towards gore that lacks in the Eastern Europeans (always getting too much fun on these topics, I have had enough of stupid grind).

Vote: 8.5

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