INGURGITATE (USA-Tx): “Bleeding His Sacred Kingship” Cd 2005 Inherited Suffering


Ingurgitate is another Brutal Death Metal band from Texas. I was submerged by TXDM bands when Corpsegristle was still a label supporting the whole Texas underground and I remember having received lots of records by bands such as Viral Load, Prophecy, Devourment, Putrilage, Me-At-Us etc. at the time. While I was not a huge fan of that scene, I must admit some of them pierced the screen, such as Devourment, while others were hopelessly mediocre, but generally the reciprocal support they had was astounding (same goes for the earlier Brazilian bands like Ophiolatry, Ancestral Malediction etc. but that’s another story). So here again I have a TXDM band on my shelf for review. Ingurgitate is rather Ok I think, it’s definitely not original but it plays heavy Brutal Death with all the aspects arranged in the right way. Very good production, crushing guitar sound a la Skinless with similar earth shoving breakdown riffs, guttural vocals, killer drumwork and a good dose of “power slams”. I really hated the first days of this slam style like the debut Fleshgrind, Lividity, Internal Bleeding etc but now that the sound has been refined and redefined (by Skinless, maybe?) I am now able to catch its meaning. The musicianship has also increased a lot since the early days of this scene so here we have flawless arrangements and a sound definitely more rounded and complex. You also have some atypical turns of more traditional metal, such as melodic classical solos, or some riffs (like the very first one) which are not just derived from the classic Suffocation power riffs, but more from a classic Metal mindset. Also. There are two guests on backing vocals in this album, plus Zig’s artwork, Majewski’s inner art etc etc. These Texan releases sometimes sould like total collaborative efforts, not to mention the drummer Dobber was also previously playing in Sect of Execration and Viral Load, Chris in Devourment etc. and probably brought some of their style along as well. The layout of the booklet is a complete ripoff of denek’s style (Lacerated Enemy) seems like even the fonts are identical, and also the colors sued etc. But then again maybe this is just the modern Death way. Nothing new nor totally impressive on the side of blistering brutality, but some of the heaviest, slower grinding parts are real juicy.

Vote: 7.4

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