INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY (USA-TX): “The Inerrancy of Profanation” Cd 2006 Unmatched Brutality


With all my best intentions, I cannot take off my mind the fact that this guy plays everything alone. Even if Insidious Decrepancy is not a one man band for ego but for necessity, there is just something that kept buzzing in my ear for the whole listens of this album. The show I saw last month was appalling, I am sure that was the less brutal Death Metal show I have ever seen. There was this guy, Shawn, frighteningly similar to Bill Gates, completely stale in the middle of the stage, he was not even shaking his head, with his short pants, baseball cap and glasses and a drum machine on a stool beside him. It was horrible. It was like assisting a computer geek introducing each song as if it was source code of a software. When a song ended, he just announced the next one in a nasal voice which was the farthest thing from a Brutal Death singer I can think of. I was speechless. The songs were complex and brutal sure, but it was not more exciting than seeing a dj changing records on a turntable. Sometimes a DJ can even transmit energy, turns, twists, screams, but this guy was as excited as a husband reading the shopping list.

Other than that, the packaging of the Cd is neat, even though this is one of the famous half-hurried works by zig, where his art is half defined and half blurred. Just look at the hands of this Jesus. Zig has probably not lost a third of the time he put on the Sarcolytic cover. But the concept is nice, a Jesus impaled pon an inverted cross in a landscape of alien vegetation. Also the lyrics are of the anti-christian kind, I am curious to hear this other project of Shawn Infant Jesus Bukkake which shouls be along this line. Musically you got super cold and mechanical Death Metal with drum machine, mathematical riffs, plain guttural vocals, I really think the whole Cd can just be a single track since there is no real scheme other than collecting brutal riffs together. But don’t be befouled by my words, this Cd works. The vocals are devoid of any feeling but they’re guttural and while very cold the whole production is precise and powerful. For a student of music science the riffs are impossibly technical and complex and there is stuff to learn from this guitarwork. I just can’t take off my mind the image of Bill Gates writing this stuff in his office, arranging riffs like Windows APIs and COM plus objects. Classic Brutal Death Metal on top of technical ability, but really I want to hear fucking musicians otherwise I can as well buy Merzbow if I have to hear pure electronics.

Vote: 6.8

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