JASAD (Idn): “Annihilate the Enemy” Cd 2005 Sevared

JASAD (Idn):

Generally I tend to have a special regard from bands coming from exotic countries, and seeing this band comes from Jawa Barat (western Java) was an interesting thing to take note of. It was also curious to hear that Jasad was not just the usual sloppy second class tape band and well, they do not incorporate any angklung or exotic bamboo instruments in their sound, thanks god. They instead play surprisingly neat, precise American style Brutal Death Metal with professional production, mid-solid songwriting and well, also a rather good packaging, usual Zig cover but this work is well above his average which is good. I haven’t really found an artist capable of such lows and heigths, some of his works ae really exceptional, and some just plain bad. This one is obscure and plays greatly with shades of blue and black. The Jasad logo remains almost invisible thanks to the usual horrible effect of trasparency/shades etc. so dear to all the modern Death Metal bands but what the fuck, some ideas and the color schemes are good to me. The layout is indeed a good work, but please some tells Dani to throw that raggamuffin cap in the sea, it’s horrendous ah ah ah. Other from their origin, there is really not much to add about this “Annihilate the Enemy”. The music more or less keeps the same tonality from start to end, even the vocals are mostly an even growl, same note from start to end. You got Brutal Death that is fast but not overly so, more in the New York vein with no real blasts of speed and a general greater attention for punching riffs. One funny thing I noticed is that there is a riff that is an EXACT copy of Suffocation‘s “Liege of Inveracity” middle breakdown, even the vocal patterns are identical, one of the most blatant rip offs I have ever found! And now that I think about it, most of this album sounds like a cross between the mosh parts of “Effigy” plus some more modern song structures minus Suffo’s sheer brutality minus solos minus the Mullen’s vocal punch. I won’t cry out that this Cd is huge, but I cannot criticize it too much either. It is well played and the sound quality if good, as are the arrangements. The reviews I read regarding the touches of grindcore or goregrind which were supposed to be here are totally whacked. There is neither of these styles in this album believe me. And it does not sound old school at all, unless you consider Entorturement and Prophecy old school. It is cool to see how well this genre has been transplanted on the coasts of the Indian Ocean in such a professional way however. I receive lots of mail from this country, even if it’s mostly rip off or non existant fanzines asking for questionable promo shirts, but people from this country are in general very cool, the Death Metal seems really to have exploded here in the last few years.

I found it weird that Sevared didn’t intervene in fixing the grammar and syntax of the lyrix, several lines really made me think something was a bit lacking in form (isn’t it “Embalmer cover” instead of “cover Embalmer” for instance?). Oh well just a detail.

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