LIVIDITY (USA/Il): “Used, Abused and Left for Dead” Cd 2006 Epitomite


My opinion of Lividity has had its up and downs ever since their earlier days. I found their debut on Ablated a terribly average and sleepy album, and I promised myself to ignore the band ever then after. When I got their “‘Til Only the Sick Remains” Cd in distro however, I was surprised by how good the band had become while I wasn’t seeing, their sound was morbidly obscure and sick, with a barking, muffled vocal singing and slow bridges bordering on doom. There was a saturated, muddy sound which gave that release a sickly fascinating feel. With this new album, my opinion on the band comes again to question. I have no cover nor lyrics to judge so I’ll go directly to the point of reviewing the music: the band has made another strong turn and now plays a way more technical, intrinsecally complex Death Metal with a constant double vocal blast. The drums are way more articulated, fitting this new looser, faster style but this guy Varela from Lust of Decay also brought with him that band’s intolerably mechanical sound so these beats are really on the verge of sounding like coming from a programmed drum machine. Luckily however, the rest of the music is not just a scattered collection of chugging riffs or we might have had another Steinberg Cubase metal band which, please, let’s avoid. I have had enough of Insidious Decrepancy. While the reviews I read that were talking about a “grindcore” approach were obviously either made by mongoloids or by experienceless teenagers, the guitars here have indeed some good solid hooks, with good loose riffs and a hammering metallic distorted bass. The double vocals are in the vein of earlier Deicide but again this is the style that the band adopted since its very beginnings, shifting from porcine growls to the usual screamin’. It is intersting to hear how neither of the vocal styles is predomeimant, they just share the stage fifty-fifty. You pretty much already now what this band is about: Porn Brutal Death with a couple of hard mosh parentheses but basically staying loyal to the earlier days of American Brutal Death. The fact that these guys didn’t grow up only listening to Deeds of Flesh becomes obvious since the songs have a clear, consistent matrix and you can basically tell each of them from the other. Sometimes endless brutality is cool but having real songs to hear is generally speaking much better. Lividity once again delivers solid Brutal Death even if this time they took time to do everything so much cleaner and more ordered. Too bad I am much more into lo-fi sewage sounds, I really enjoyed their previous album better. Some songs, like “The Urge to Splurge” are demo material re-recorded, yet with this new more modern sound.

Vote: 7.9

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