NEUROPATHIA (Pol): “Bubba Luciferi” Cd 2006 Life Stage


The first thing I did when I opened the promo package containing this Cd was clenching my teeth and rolling my eyes swearing “oh fuck, another hilarous grind band from Eastern Europe, and this cover art is so fucking lame too”. I took it to the toilet to analyze it a little bit more like I always do before making the actual music reviews, so I can check notes, thanklists, studios and producers, you know, same old shit. Well, I have to amdit a few things came out: first off the whole layout looks lame becouse of the concept but technically it’s one of the most professional layouts I have seen in months, and that’s thank to Szymon Siech’s masterful hand. I seriously believe this guy is the best gore artist since early Vincent Loce, it’s a fucking genius. Too bad for the annoying, run of the mill, banal, overused, overcooked, seen a million times before fun concept that plagues all the Eastern European scene today. Seems like there has to be some joke at all costs. To me, it didn’t make me laugh at all, anyway. Szymon took pictures of 70’s blaxploitation, police dogfights, south American wrestlers a la El Santo, and combined them all in a pyschedelic green and fuchsia vintage looking concept. I could barely recognize his style on the cover but he evidently used a lighter approach so the drawing came out a little cartoonish, with his trademark eyes bulging from the shadows. Wasted talent. One thing I was wondering however was, what does a grind band do with 11 straight days in a studio? Well, I understood it when I placed the disc in the player: this sound is fucking HUGE. I was also afraid of some shitty fag rock’nr’grind a la late Mucupurulent but this music definitely rocks. I won’t call it gore for sure, and maybe not properly grindcore either. There is a crusty, energic vibe that remind me a lot of Genocide S.S., with some blastbeats that just pump up the energy level (think a bit of Wolfpack, Skitsystem etc.) and huge groovy power chords, this is really one of the wonderful fun bands to mosh with in the snakepit. The main problem with me is probably the fortunately rare high pitched screams which not only sound shitty in themsleves, but are recorded so low they mostly disappear in the grossly fat mix this “Bubba Luciferi” has. I don’t recall much of “Graveyard Cowboys” (I was rather taxed by that cover artwork too) but I don’t remember anything as powerful as this. Big sound, great production, great Swedish crust riffing. Even if I recognize good ideas and high level layout work, this packaging looks like shit. If we talk aboout the music in a strict sense, this is a definite powerhouse, punkish grindcore hammering with huge force and powerful vocals. Lots of the dissonance and dirt of the early days of grindcore is non present here, but it’s been replaced by a crushing, punishing groove. You also get covers by two gay bands called Turbonegro and Satyricon here, but I admit they’re barely recognizeable, this band has come to a good level so they manage to add peronality to the songs, they’re not just xeroxes. “Skyggedans” sounds fucking weird, a mix of crust and black metal I could barely recognize. Heavy, happy music for serious fun.

Vote: 8.2

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