PLASMA (Ger): “3-Ways Take Your Skin to do a Lantern” split Cd with RADIKALIS AMPUTACIO (Hun), SPERMSWAMP (Can) 2004 Rottenpyosis


Plasma from Germany is almost a cult name in the sewage Goregrind underground. They play sick, downtuned, crunchy goregrind in the vein of very early Cock & Ball Torture, but even more sludgy and dirty. The vocals have that unnatural harmonizer distortion that makes it so liquid it recalls a bit of Tumour or Urine Festival, but while impossible to understand it does still sound liek vocals and not boiling pudding. The strength of this band resides in the slow, ground digging power chords, and here a little better sound on the guitars would maybe have helped making it even more humid and claustrophobic. However all this is purely enjoyable stuff, with basic, martial drumming and a sporadic acceleration to break up the pace. Contrary to most bands, the music seems to be released when it becomes slower, not the contrary. What I absolutely love of the underground goregrind scene today is that while Brutal Metal bands keep looking for the better cover art and the most technical riffs and drum tempos, here everything is just made for the fun of it, you still have flyers, fanzines etc, much like Death Metal was in the early 90’s. I have the impression this is the scene where the underground spirit lifted. There are two typos ina 3 page booklet with no more than 50 words, and that’s totally cool to me, total early South American spirit. Even the title of the split is missing a “to” to be grammatically correct. Ah! Great! The packaging is abysmal, just 3 pictures taken from the internet with a couple of horrible fonts, but I like the essence.

Vote: 8.7

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