RADIKALIS AMPUTACIO (Hun): “3-Ways Take Your Skin to do a Lantern” split Cd with PLASMA (Ger), SPERMSWAMP (Can) 2004 Rottenpyosis


The sound of Radikalis Amputacio is even more chaotic and crusty, completely muffled and garageish, even if the music is more oriented towards Brutal Death than goregrind and therfore a bit more human. Here you have a couple of funny intros (one sounds like a Japanese version of “Yakee Doodle”) and sludgy riffs a la Malignancy with some good blasts of total gore insanity. I really don’t like the spoken vocals that sometimes drop in at all, and the main problem here is probably the drums which are definitely too rigid and basic. Were they attepting to make total sludge gore stuff it would have fitted but since there is some attept here at building music a little more skill would have been important. We’re in the middle gorund between low budged brutal death and goregrind, but in a not very efficacious way. I definitely expect some progression here.

Vote: 6.8

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