SMERSH (Rus): “In Gun We Trist” split Cd with VIOLADOR (Mex) 2006 Alarma!


Smersh plays ultra-cool minimalistic grindcore the kind I haven’t heard for years. Now that everybody wants to sound clean and well ordered like Nasum and Rotten Sound, it’s great to hear a band that sticks to the roots of the genre of late ’80s/early ’90s. They remind me a bit of Rot and Intense Degree, with a super sewage, low-quality recordings that sounds like a rehearsal, just with a lot of saturation, just like it used to be. Some intros are ridicolous (Raggae and Rap shit?) and even some songs like number 15 have are made with an humorous vein. Other than that this grindcore sounds quite sincere, seems that Russia still has a lot of contraddictions to sing against, now that here in Europe we more or less live more than adequately. Very chaotic and schizophrenic, socially aware old school Mince/Grind, with Mick Harris-like hyperblasts, can’t sound better. The song titles are quite predictably written in a improbable revision of English… why exactly can’t bands write an English friend and ask for corrections is beyond me. What really bugs me is also that stupid fucking communist flag printed inside and their annoying claims about revolution, this band stands against war but can accept the idea of an armed revolt where thousands of innocent people might die, that’s totally nonsense. Either you’re for peace or for war, period. I just can’t stand left wing grindcore anymore. Anti fascism and anti racism is totally cool with me, but taking communism as an example should be fucking rewarded with a fist in the face, coming from people that lost families and relatives victims of that movement. The music is cool but seeing a band proclaims itself to be favourable to communism annoys me more than seeing nazi war flags or real rape scenes. Communism is total fucking shit, they should suppress that symbol in any advanced country just like they did with fascism. Fuck extreme wings of any politic side. This band plays nice grind but are fucking idiots.

Vote: 8

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