SPERMSWAMP (Can)): “3-Ways Take Your Skin to do a Lantern” split Cd with PLASMA (Ger, RADIKALIS AMPUTACIO (Hun) 2004 Rottenpyosis


The tracks of Spermswamp here are in my opinion even better than the ones I heard on their split with Rigor Mortis. Much less Cock & Ball Torture bullodzering based on pure force and heaviness, and much more savage and lo-fi. The sound of the strings is totally metallic, and the vocals have a total insane range that go from throat clearing cackles to insanle blurs, with several effects that change continuously, it’s complete chaos! Here we have totally fresh porno gore songs with lots of variety, influences from techno-harcore-trance music excellently arranged, samples, experiments with frequencies and keyboard fx a go go. The sound is completely demo but it sounds real great to me. I hope they will be able to turn back and take some more of this shit into their new sound. Freaky and sick! The farts and tuba sounds in “Dierrhoeic Polka” are slacking fun!

Vote: 8.8

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