TERRORISM (USA-Ca): “Feasting on Flesh” split 7″ with LIVIDITY (USA-Il) 2006 Disembowelment


Terrorism plays a different brand of old school noisy and grinding Death Metal, with a totally fucked up crass sound; it hardly sounds like something recorded in 2005, and I tell this with appreciation. The vocals are not deep but more like phlegmy croaks which ooze malignancy and sometimes sound as if paired with a deeper one to create a layered, more wrapping sound. The songs follow the classic formula of three riffs and variation, and the drummer also plays straight and neat with no frills, battering the snare drums when things become faster and keeping a simple pace otherwise, sometimes it’s just good to hear bands that concentrate on the riffs alone instead of looking for variations. Song lyrics deals with serial killers and cannibals (the third one is in Spanish I guess… no clue), so the name Terrorirsm sounds a bit like a weird choice, was this for shock value? Whatever. The sound of these tracks is garageish, cragged and completely abrasive, which sound in tune with the splatterish music. There is probably some very early Impetigo worship in here as well. Simple and to the point, noisy and inspired by some grincore, this is a cool sincere release to hear with the right spirit.

Vote: 7.5

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