TUMOUR (Hol): “Too Large for Digestive Capacity” collection Cd 2006 Urethra


This is not new Tumour stuff but more of a retrospective of old Tumour Eps and live tracks from 2001 to 2005, so the sound is not even and not even the songs structures. The booklet is a complete concept around what is also my favourite of the four Romero zombie movies – Day of the Dead. There are captions from that movie in all the pages of the booklet. The layout could have been a little more creative but considering the average quality of goregrind releases this time the booklets shines. Ah. Basically we have the usual Tumour goregrind with drum machine type of sound, except for a couple of tracks with a real drummer. We also have some backing vocals by members of Intumescence, Kadaverficker, Malignant Tumour and even four tracks recorded in pieces with a drummer from Switzerland and a bass player from USA. At almost 80 minutes, it is really chock full of weird stuff including live and “radio” shows (is that true?). What is still cool about Tumour is that despite the boiling liquid effect of the vocals and the drum machine, this stuff doesn’t sound like a mix of gabber/hardcore techno and grind, but still retain some touch of humanity if we can call it this way. You get in a single Cd a mix of good and less than good guitar riffs but with the same Tumour trademark sound. Towards the end the music become more and more chaotic until erupting in a total chaotic experimental mix of noise and techno beats. You also get a shitload of samples so that no song starts out with instruments, so they’re basically a mean to split songs even if the guitar riffs are very clear (and the distortion definitely not too heavy, which might have been nice here). The Deep Purpleish “Smoke from the Vomit” might raise an eyebrow for fun but I am not very much for funny moments in grind. Hopefully this is one of those rare tracks. The stuff on Goreaholic is generally speaking a bit more intense and the riffs definitely a less sloppy but here is a nice collection of old stuff. I would have liked to see the covers of these releases and maybe some lyrics as well, even if that meant a bit more work on the booklet but generally speaking this is great shit for goregore freaks.

Vote: 8.5

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