VIOLADOR (Mex): “Torturando Vaginas” split Cd with SMERSH (Rus) 2006 Alarma!


Violador is a band that quite clearly shows that distortion and guttural vocals alone don’t make a Death Metal band. Despite utterly porcine vocals (in the vein of Pigsty) that grate continuously and a load of good accelerations, most of the riffs are totally Thrash Metal, just down tuned to sound heavier. The cover artwork is a really terrible drawing of a girl ass up waiting for torture, which even if very cheaply done, makes this Cd look very old school, the inner booklet is also terribly done, with distorted pictures of the band members wearing bloodsplattered white shirts and hugely effected fonts, but in the overall, it nicely looks primitive. Musically like I said before, the main trait of this recording is the vocal tune, sometimes super compressed alla Sikfuk, other times deeper like a pig squeal. I think they can work a bit on the mid tempos, since the acceleration have enough impact but when the music slows down the riffs are quite sloppy, and there is that strong Thrash Metal vibe that never leaves the sound. All the lyrics are in Spanish which is interesting, they even printed two of them in the inner cover. Well maybe they could fit more with a human layout. The booklet reads that there are two bonus video clips but I cannot find them anywhere, too bad.

Vote: 6.9

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