WASTEFORM (USA-Ny): “Crushing the Reviled” Cd 2006 Nice to Eat You/Sevared


Wasteform is a band that plays that kind of super-compressed chugging Brutal Death standing in between the heavier

breakdowns of Dying Fetus and early Skinless, plus some wicked harmonics that add a sense of weirdness to the mix.

However the effect I get is more of something sounding like Rotting and earlier Jungle Rot, that is, stuff that’s

boring me on the long run. If there is a sense of heaviness in these power riffs I am not getting it completely,

this might be the same case with Revenance. While the band has some accelerations and dissonand chords that make

them souding a bit more evoluted, the basis is obviously that of classic NY slam-Death, with that super fat guitar

sound and the metallic distorted bass-string touch which Skinless perfected in the late nineties. I read that the

band members all come from an Hard Core background and indeed the good thing is that there are no metal rides here,

but mostly beefy guitar riffs and guttural vocals with a good angry tonality. While this is by no means sleepy or

aimless, and I mean the songs are structured well and played with flawless precision, the point is I am not in a

mood of listening to this kind of bands lately. Sometimes Wasteform pounds and hits hard but mostly we’re a bit out

of synch, there is just too much music bridging between the vocal lines and being no musician, I prefer to hear the

roaring beast crack and roll a bit more. Technical, heavy and with a good dose of disharmonious tremolo picking,

this is probably a good choice for lovers of heavy riffs and neat, clean sounds, but mostly for players that can

read between the lines. I dunno, I just don’t get the punch in the stomach that I got from earlier Skinless… and

that dissonant twists are just nonessentials to me. Add more meat and skip the sauce, please.
The packaging looks fine, blood encrusted and with some gleaming metal edges, not properly readable all the time,

but lloking fine. This album is actually a second pressing plus 2006 demo tracks (10-14), check them at the end, becouse

there is definitely something good going on there.

Oh my I just read that the album’s first press was even

PRODUCED by Sherwood of Skinless. Gotcha!

Vote: 7.3

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