BIOCYST (Hol): “Non-Surgical Modifications” split Cd with CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE (Hol) 2006 Klysma


Biocyst‘s sound is so filthy and degraded that it makes Carnival of Carnage sound like Dream Theater. Ah ah. Well not really to be honest, but it’s just to say that we’re way more into the noisecore land more than straight gore-grind. The closest connection I could do is Anal Birth, and maybe some harsh noise shit a la Hypo Christians, End of Silence, Pile of Eggs… The sound as said before is low to the point of nonsense, crackling constantly with oversaturation. It is diffuclt to distinguish the chords becouse everything is so indistinct. However the vocals have that elephantine frequency, combined with some indistinct frog like croaks. There is probably something going on beneath the chaos for what concerns the drums, but it’s hard to hear anyuthing else but some grinding “thuds” of the snare blasting when things get faster. After the first few minutes, the tracks become shorter and shorter, up to just a few seconds long. I love it when you get this long intro and then 2 seconds of burps and senseless noize. When the Biocyst corpse grinding machine starts mincing, all you hear is basically a rolling wave of bass frequencies and distortions, with liquid, bestial sounds which could be connected to “vocals” with some skill in the genre (eh). It will be my favourite in the stereo for the next few days, for fucking sure!!

One thing I feel like complaining is, labels goddammit hire a fucking professional when doing graphics for an album!! The song lists in this Cd are so fuzzy it’s impossible to understand what’s written. The characters look like blurry dots! And when downloading gore from the Internet, consider that images have to be a resolution of at least 300 dpi before sending them to the printer while those are way less. Never downsample pictures, try bringing them to the right resolution before using them on your graphics. Or the effect would be so fucking lame, like this cover… it’s a pity becouse the images chosen were nice…

Vote: 8.9

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