BLASPHEMER (Ita): “s/t” split Cd with ESKATON (Pol), MODUS DELICTI (Ita) 2006 Frost Foundation


Well first off the cover artwork is almost indeciphrable. It’s so dark you mostly see shades here. However after some tweaking with curves in Photoshop I managed to see what’s lying beneath and hey, this is a cool artwork indeed, looks like some abstract bio-mechanical work of worms and bloated flesh, reminds me of some Aaron Cain works! Someone has to be executed for concealing this work under layers of darkness. Blasphemer plays a modern breed of Brutal Death Metal of the fastest kind with non stop multi faceted riffing and a ton of guitar harmonics and chuggish breakdowns which well, just scream the words Deeds of Flesh aloud in my ears! The drummer is razor sharp in his work, competent and with concrete awareness of his surroundings: he has the uncommon quality of being able to work along the other instruments, placing evidence to the few slams by battering the snare drums so to give emphasis to the multitude of breaks you get along the songs. I don’t mind for the few screams which in my opinion are always useless, but the vocals are deep and guttural and they work fine for the overall job as well. You get killer Brutal Death without melodies or solos, recorded almost flawlessly as well. Might it be that it suffers a bit from being somewhat derivative but I never thought of that as an issue. I think this stuff is meant to be fun to play and hear, not for some challenge to being original.

Vote: 8.5

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