BROKEN HOPE (USA-Il): “The Bowels of Repugnance” Cd 1993 Metal Blade


Two years have passed since “Swamped in Gore”. Joe has grown a goatee and the band got a contract with Metal Blade in the meantime. And who knows what happened in his rotting brain but Brian Griffin’s talent has developed so much as to compose incredibly sick songs. This album to me is a fucking monument to gore!! No shit, this one stands close to “Tomb of the Mutilated” as one of the sickest, most disgusting gore drenched albums of all time. I remember it was somewhat hard to distinguish the vocal lines (well today’s normal to skip them becouse they’re unintelligible but this was released in a different time and age). The drummer has become a fucking war machine as well, damn how I like his style. Perfect sound too, full but sharp. He’s clockwork precise but is also able to beat the fuck out of the snare drums in machine gun hyperblasts nearly as fast as Mick Harris’, and here’s no blurry grindcore goin’ on beneath, but sick downtuned Death Metal with a huge dose of slam, chuggish power riffs and outstanding vocals that are the essence of the zombie rot made sound. Despite a lot of modern granitic but somewhat sterile bands, the sickness in this album is palpable. I can hear the flies and scavenger insects of rot buzzing in the studio, I can feel the drops of blood falling from the rusty hooks down into the grime, on the floor cluttered by jellified viscera entrails and chopped up abortions. And the vocals, they’re a constant roar coming from the deep of the stomach! Everything is perfect to me here. The sound is not too polished and that fits the sanguinary madness, they’re operating with rusty knives, not sterile bisturis dammit! Griffin has somehow also developed an amazing skill at composing melodic intermezzos. Not IN the song of course!! The songs are devoid of mellow chords, only grievious sounds of butchery here! I mean instrumental songs, tehy’re delicious. James Murphy also appears here with some solo shit of his, well, not really needed but always welcome. The lyrics too are horribly nasty, not just about rot but also torture, perversions, asphyxiation, skinning, diseases… all matters that define the Death Metal genres. If you think Death metal is about philosphy and cannabis, well, my answer resides in this booklet. Read: fuck off. Give me beer and gore, that’s my interpretation of metal, cunts. My favorite lyrics are those of “Hobo Stew”: “Fetus Eater, no meat is sweeter”!!! The artwork too is deign of note. I am not sure, but I am almost certain this is the same artrist who also did cover for an Avulsed demo and something by Mass Psychosis. I made some research and nothing came out, but it’s possible this guy was the drummer for the mediocre electronic band Kong (Rob Smits). If you got more infos mail me!

Vote: 9.8

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