CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION (Jap): “The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders” Cd 1996 Deliria


I’ve spoken about and praised extensively this classic album while reviewing the Razorback reissue in 2000. But since this album is so damn good and since it seems no picture of this original cover exists on the Internet, here is this new post… I know I should post more new albums and demos, but recently I am not in a mood of listening new records. There is so much good stuff left to be discovered in the past that sometimes I wonder why I just don’t set a date limit and just go back and try to patch the holes in my collection up to that point. Same thing goes for the webzine. Oh whatever. The two brothers that make Catasexual Urge Motivation (what happened to Vampiric Motives BTW?) debutted with this amazing full length album on this Heilbronn, Germany sick label Deliria productions (which also released some other stuff by Gut, Belching Beet etc. I bought quite some stuff from them!). Even if the Razoback’s edition is very simple in layout, this booklet is a real killer, ah ah… NOT! Half a page is taken by an ad of this guy’s graphic “studio” and well, it’s fun because the layout sucks hugely!! The fonts used are horrendous, the background so dark it makes the text difficult to read, and the whole work seems to be hurried in 10 minutes. There are no lyrics in this version as well, so you can sleep well if you don’t have this. The musical content seem to be otherwise identical to the reissue, immensely heavy, saturated, deep… it’s like hearing Death Metal from within the entrails of a giant, was this album recordered during a biopsy? The walls trasudate coagulated blood and slime as you hear this album, this is sickness come alive fuck! The eeriness is paralled only by the sheer heaviness of the sound, you can forgive the drum machine becouse the shit is so damn heavy, it’s really as good and as dense as Disembowelment and that’s saying something! Sludgy no the point of almost stopping, with furious release of blasting serial killer obsession. Whispers alternate with pig-like squeals… it’s a vortex of insanity! All of the lyrics here deal with murder, killings, slayings, torturing and raping! This was originally meant a 16 song album but they recorded 6 extra tracks for uner the label request to fill at least 60 minutes of music. Thanks Frank for this. A second album was to follow in 1997 called “What What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law”. As far as I know, it was never released (or might have ended in the split with Neuropathia as Vampiric Motives, no clue).

Vote: 9.9

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