Okay, this movie is real bad, in the beginning I wanted to throw the DVD in the furnace, but I resisted the first half and I have to admit, it’s still quite better than a lot of recent zombie movies like “Resident Evil”. The acting is terrible and the film has a texture and a sound that reminds me of a TV movie, but towards the end I get enough gore to satisfy my hunger. The worst part of the whole movie is probably when the vial containing the DNA altering virus opens, and you get a horrible CGI effect when a small sparkle of light appears in front of the soon to be diseased victims, and I really felt like throwing up when I realized that all of the patients got some sort of empathic link that made all of them feel and hear the same things. This is complete sci-fi, not horror, and despite the fact the line separating the two is weak, I nonetheless think it was horrible when one of them got punched in the face and all the rest shook their heads as if they were hit themselves. It was pure comedy. Now that I said the worst moments, I can summarize the story: the year is 1968 (when “Night of the Living Dead” was shot) and a Russian airplane that contains an American DNA-altering virus crashes in the Western states. The vials are taken to a secret military hospital where it infects the whole crew, the army is called up there and a squad shots everybody in the head so that the plague could be contained. These movies move too quickly for my tastes, I kinda prefer Romero and Fulci zombies, but oh well… Unluckily, one of these vials is stolen by a soldier who also gets killed during the cleansing. almost 40 years later, the vial is found by a patient of the psychiatric hopsital that is built upon the secret base, run by a cold asshole of a doctor which looks nastily like Sascha of Cock and Ball Torture. The personality of the patients of the hospital are explored discretely, the protagonist is a necrophobic who has fallen in love with a suicidal depressive girl. The rest of the cast is barely credible and bi-dimensional, and some of the secondary appearances are just ludicrous (look at the fat chick who’s taking the pills when the grilfight begins…come on…), but even if the initial effects of skin falling from the faces and shoulders is mild, when the brown and black vomit appears, things start getting interesting. Festering sores appear on the diseased, and vomit and convulsions abound. There is a funny scene when this mongoloid guy continues eating his soup even after one of the semi zombies pukes into his plate. Ah ah. Reminds me a bit of the ear in Braindead… One of the guardians of the hospital is a bastard who tries to abuse the suicidal girl in the beginning of the movie but gets bitten by her festering bite and his mutation becomes the most horrible. When he’s completely rotten in his bed, he’s awakened by a small wound on the doctor’s finger and then gets dismembered in a savory, graphic way. I won’t go into more detail becouse I hate spoilers. Whatever the case, this movie was not meant to be a real follow up to Day of the Dead (it is not even fairly at the same level of course), but the directors themselves Ana Clavell and James Glenn Dudelson declared it could be a parallel, an alternative or a precedent story in regards to the Romero quadrilogy. Anyway, it is not as bad as it seemed in the beginning. There is a good dose of goo and dismemberments and that’s the reason I bought it, so fuck it. It lacks cohesion and suspence but that’s something which is not present even in much bigger budget movies. A good “8” rating goes to Greg McDougall, makeup artist and pupil of Tom Savini, which didn’t spare on the gore. Apart from a ugly computer effect on the wounds of the zombies when the final metamorphosis begins, the rest is purely analogic foam and fake blood the old school way. Long live analog. In music and cinema.
I had the impression my DVD was cut becouse sometimes the scenes change abruptly but I compared the running times and it seems it is just a matter of unprofessionalism in editing. Have a look if the running time is 103 minutes.

Vote: 6.5

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