DERANGED (Swe): “Obscenities in B-Flat” Cd 2006 Listenable


It took me several listens in several different occasions to clarify exactly what I thought about this album. At first, the dissonant, modern harmonics that are prominent in the first half of the album sounded a bit disturbing. After all I had my share of those with Meshuggah, latest Gorguts or similar post-metal bands. But here, after all, they make some sense. This is not intellectual waning, but just a different way to distort the brutal music while leaving it that way. The songs are still brutal and Deranged maintained their trademark solidity by preserving the same tempo for the whole duration of the album. This might sound a bit dull, especially because things have slowed down a lot since ?Plainfield Cemetery?, but since the sound is so distorted, and the vocals so deep and beefy, something weird begins spinning after a few listens. You start to understand the variations within the monotony. This is 100% unrelenting heavy riffage, original in its simplicity, and with sporadic manifestations of classic solos shattering only seldom the non-stop droning chord monoliths. The drums still have the classic Deranged post-?Rated X? militaristic sobriety, one either loves or hates this way of mauling the skins. I would say there?s some vaguely industrial vibe in this new Deranged album, kinda Pitch Shifter or Fudge Tunnel. Everything is relying on heaviness instead of speed, variation or grove, all elements with are completely missing here. The cover art is still delicious, taking a bit on the color schemes of ?High on Blood?, full of blood drops and glistening viscera arranged so to look almost avant-garde. I bet you can clock each song and have exactly the same tempos going on from start to finish but again, it all adds to the idea of unbending sturdiness. Might it be that they added some Murder Corporation in here, since there is some hidden groove in the riffs, but I let you decide. This is brutal, inflexible Death Metal the Deranged way. My fave is still Rated X but here we have a different band in some way. I won?t say this is a massacre, but Deranged surely have their own identity.

Vote: 7.8

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