FAIRYTALE ABUSE (Dnk): “The Spirit Tower” Cd 2004 Hateworks


First off this band has been catalogued as death/black but you know, that?s because the vocals sometimes turn into screaming but the basics of dismal Black Metal are not explored here at all. Fairytale Abuse (oh shit, what a horrible name for a band) play some kind of metal with very wide textures, lots of organ like keyboards, flowing melodies and a thick In Flames/Third and the Mortal vibe. It is the kind of let?s call it death metal for lack of a better definition, with guttural growls and some screaming but more than anything else a shitload of sing along melodies. In my opinion, there is just too much sauce for too little pasta (aha), the guitarwork is minimal, just a few chugs, but everything is spiced with two fucking tons of glossy melodies. GAIA?S PENDULUM might be terrible, but their music make some sense as a background for having a gothic chick laid. This band however is much worse. The incoherent use of melodic bridges and growling sing along tunes is just a bit too much to bear. If the trick is embedding the melody within the song structures, here we have the exact opposite, it?s like putting lemon on the fish to hide the fact it?s getting old and rancid (hey sorry, I?m writing from the seaside ah ah. The cover art depicts a vampire with black lipstick with a castle in the background, and here, I am not wasting any words. You know what I am about so say. Terrible melodic death metal, completely derivative and lacking the coherence and strength of the earlier attempts at this genre. I was not a fan at all of this genre at the beginning, but the copycats are even worse, if possible. Horrendous.

Vote: 3.5

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