FALLEN SOULS (Slv): “God is Dead” 12″ Lp 2006 Intolerant


Well I don’t know about god, but the pope surely is (dead)! Ah ah. Great pic on the back sleeve. So here we have a lot of very good premises: a band from Central America (El Salvador), with a Moyen cover art and a penchant for alcoholics! And hell yes, this is good shit indeed, the sound is as abrasive as a mix of Venom, Hellhammer and Sadism. What you get here is old school mix of Thrash Metal and primitive Black Metal. One can think of Morbosidad or Throneum at first but this is way more like pure thrash with that 80’s special feel. I haven’t read if there is any gap between the recording of side A and B but side B sounds way better and different! At least the first few minutes, becouse the last two tracks sound like if the master tape was damaged, it’s mostly fuzzy noise. There are a couple of metal bridges with arpeggios and shit like that which border a bit on traditional but the vocals are just excellent, with huge reverb and that phlegmy timbre, that the result is always of totally metallic headbanging chaos. The sound is very dirty which is okay of course, but the waveforms must have been pushed all the way upward becouse I can’t hear any basses here. It’s just all mid and high frequencies and on the long run it becomes a bit plain. This record did convince me anyway, this is good spike, leather, sweat and alcohool Metal for headbangers. Gets a bit too standard ’90s Black Metal at the very end but I am sure those are old tracks. I just want to thank you Warwick for butchering completely Moyen’s artwork with the most absurd and childish collection of Photoshop effects one can think of. Millions of colors and shades despoil a cover which has even been sent to the printer in the wrong resolution! I bet Chris didn’t provide it’s artwork with these huge blurry pixels… fuck off to all you amateurish artists! This guy must have been drunk when sending this shit to the pressing plant. Intolerable on an album as good as this. Good old school Thrash/Black Metal here, despite the packaging!

Vote: 7.2

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