GAIAS PENDULUM (Chi): “Scarlet Visions” Cd 2004 Hateworks


I am not an incredible connoisseur of gothic metal music, but I wonder why they’ve said this album is original. The melodies contained here follow strict clich‚s that tend to repeat even within the album itself. Each song has a slow, moody part with deep vocals a la Type ‘0’ Negative, bombastic metal melodies and big keyboards, just arranged in a different order. I think that band called 69 Eyes perfectly fits as a comparison. Not only this band is identical but even repeats the same concept from song to song. Not to say this music would not be perfect for a background on a gothic metal pub, but this music really sounds just like gimmick, no creative effort involved. Take the same elements, same vocal lines, same riffs and arrange to taste. How much does it takes to create a song once you got the main melody in your head? Don’t be swayed, the Metal element in Gothic Metal here starts and ends with some electric guitar harmonics: mostly we’re talking about oniric choruses, synths used to simulate acoustic guitars, brass percussions, and a bunch of orchestral elements. The vocals are able to switch from good deep growls to Pete Steele laments, and the best thing I can say about the whole is “thanks god, there are no shrieking witch screams”, I could not have stand them. Regarding lyrics and packaging I have not much to tell, this came on cardboard sleeve (and it took me 10 minutes to pull off the disc from the sheath since the sleeve was too narrow), but I still wonder, how comes the cover artwork is green if the album is called “Scarlet Melodies”? No bad feeling, this album fits any gothic fan expectations probably, but this not the zine for this kind of stuff. I think the problem of this album stands in its very concept, it’s the music genre itself that sucks, starting from this point, everything follows. Best moment is the final instrumental track, at least it is no metal. Worse might be “Midnight Meeting” where vampires lurk in with their ugly heads.

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