LADO OBSCURO (Bra): “Senhor das Trevas” 7″ Ep 2004 Intolerant


Generally speaking, I adore minimalistic, crude, South American Black Metal, I also like when the sound seems to fade and raise due to old-school vintage recording methods. And hey, there are also a lot of great slow riffs a la Necro Schizma in here as well. Then why I can’t convince myself to appreciate this Ep? Well, for a start these vocals are atrocious, more like a shocking gasp than an evil roar. This guy must have left some sensible body parts in the middle of shutting a door or something like that, in any case these are not the kind of Black Metal vocals I like, dammit. Get “Salvation” by Funeral Mist and hear what I mean for real satanic singing! Other than that, the drums are stiff but manage to pound sometimes with that nice primitive force of early Sarcofago… but most of the time they’re just plain sloppy. Same thing for the riffs, I feel a strong sense of deja vu, as if I was still listening to that multitude of greek black metal bands that sprang from the footprints of Necromatia, Varathron etc. in the mid nineties, mostly on Molon Lave (sigh). There is a vague sense of melody in the background, which paired with these horrendous vocals, create a screeching aura which I find boring as hell. The layout is totally black metal: simple but with a sober elegance. It has to be noted that this Ep is a tribute to the drummer of the band, who died somewhere in 2006. This Ep is limited to 500 copies.

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