MASACRE (Col): “Total Death” Cd 2004 Hateworks


When I read Erik Rutan was the producer of this album I stiffened like a stockfish. What has that guy to do with these great warriors of dark, brutal, south American metal? I must say I only have the demos plus ?Ola de Violencia? and ?Requiem?, and never really heard the rest of their discography except for a few quick listens at the shop, so I can only make my comparisons towards the very early Masacre. Which was absolute cult to me, let me preface this. Let me also say that this album is not bad at all. They just turned into a completely different band, while remaining dark and tight. The production is naturally much better now, a good balance of heaviness and limpidness, the sound is powerful, dark, somewhat obsessive. Reminiscences of Deicide are clear, the vocals are hysteric, guttural and made of short, powerful sentences in the vein of Glen?s. The solos are also well thought, not too melodic, maybe a bit in the vein of old Loudblast for a lack of better comparisons. The songs are more strictly brutal, in a more direct way compared to their old works, some riffs have a vague Morbid Angel feel, and some guitar harmonics are even a bit reminiscent of latest Cannibal Corpse, but the emphasis on heavy, chuggish rhythmic riffs is utmost now. So much so, this might be the weakest spot in the whole album. Coming from a band as this, one can?t but be very critical. The songs are tend to be a bit repetitive on the long run, which can be ok for a modern Brutal Death band, but doesn?t work with a band like this with have a mature structure beneath every song. All in all this is a good powerful but old school Death Metal album, with clear strong production and but a somewhat dull song writing. I know I can get used to this but not for the first few listens. If you like old bands with strong rhythmic guitars (Deicide, latest Krisiun, let?s say even Sinister or Cannibal Corpse post-?Tomb of the Mutilated?-, this might be a good choice. I also read the lyrics are in English now, but I couldn?t read them since they didn?t come with the promo. Best release so far from the label anyway. I am happy Mr Rutan didn?t butcher this recording with some plastic gloss. Ah.

Vote: 7.3

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