NEUROSIS INC. (Chi): “Subversivos Espirituales” Cd 2006 Hateworks


Like I said in the previous review regarding Czech Mortifilia, sometimes the combination of subtle melodies embedded within the riffs of a Death Metal album could work. Sometimes however they do not, especially when broad, fat, baroque keyboards are overwhelming the wholeness of the songs. And that’s the case with the opening song on this “Subversivos Espirituales”, if you took out all instruments and leave just the keyboards, this could work as a jingle for a spot of a soap on a national TV channel. But things just don’t end here as the second song is already a bit different, made of some kind of washed down thrash riffs with a palm muting idea that repeats itself from start to end. The rest of the songs luckily discard the Cradle of Filth-like keyboard incept in favour of more traditional thrash metal with lowecase t and m, completely devoid of punch and aggressive force. The problem with this band is structural, and not viable to any recording or songwriting efforts. This music is just so completely average when aggressive, and so sugar coated when more melodic it’s read hard to stand it to the end. Some keyboards happen again once in a while, just to render the whole effect even more mellow. Some Iron Maiden-esque melodic rides also appear and then amplified by bold symphonic variations and that’s not a very good signal. While more competent in songwriting than a band like Morbid Sacrifice, this band succeeds in mixing two horrible genres like gothic/melodic metal and thrash in a blood chilling way, only the vocals are deep, crisp and good enough to stand out of the tragic mix. Definitely something I’d like to forget.

Vote: 3.8

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