OBSCENE GESTURE (USA-Ca): “demo 2006” Cd-r 2006 s/p [demo]


Okay I am getting somewhat old becouse when I read somewhere that Obscene Gesture was an Hard Core band, I was thinking about rough ’80’s Hard Core/Punk a la Minor Threat, Youth of Today etc., but it turned out being more like that kind of Thrash Metal/HC crossover which bloomed out in the late eighties! You remember all those skateboards and hand painted tees? The riffs are powerful and raging without that extra superflous dose of crunch and sound refinelments that generally spolied the HC scene after the rising of Earth Crisis and Integrity. Generally speaking I love my HC and Metal separated but hearing Obscene Gesture was fun, a mix of Verbal Abuse, Method of Destruction and newer Slayer. Yeah Slayer, what’s wrong with the new Slayer?? At least they’re still a violent band, even if their aesthetics don’t meet so much the favour of metal purists today… I don’t want to digress too much on new Slayer now, let’s just say this stuff is nice to hear, with angry pissed off vocals a la Billy Milano, sharp metallic riffs with a big dose of stomping groove, vulgar lyrics at al. A bit modern in sound, and the songs tend to be a bit too similar maybe, but tehy’re definitely well played. I though these guys were bums from the bowels of Los Angeles but I researched there are former members of Agent Steel and Steel Prophet here (horrible bands both but that means competent players). If you liked Thrash/HC crossover a la Sacred Reich, Crumbsuckers, S.O.D. etc, this might be interesting to check out, a full length album is being written as I write this.

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