SEEKING OBSCURE (USA-Wy): “split Cd” split Cd with UNBURIED (USA-Va) 2006 Metalbolic


I am afraid this Seeking Obscure is not as convincing as Unburied, though. Seeking Obscure is fundamentally a one man band lead by Rob Luckie, also owner of this small indie label Metalbolic who released the split in question (well, at least the P.O. Box is the same). The concept here is to create some only-slam slow tempo Death Metal with guttural vocals. What’s wrong here however is that to me, when Death Metal is this slow, it better has to a) have a truly sick doomy vein a la old Autopsy or b) be very, very heavy and impossibly guttural. These tracks are, honestly, neither and also completely uninspired. They sound just slow, but not THAT grinding slow, and sooo dangerously close to the always feared tarantella DM riffs. There are some horrendous samples and terrible vaguely melodic solos as well mixed in, and the fun thing is, these solos are the faster parts in the whole side of this split. All the emphasis here is given to the groove and the power of the riffs, but I have really to say these are not the kind of riffs that give a real feeling of crushing heaviness, they almost sound casual. Conceptually this might also be an okay idea, but honestly I find we have to rewrite evrything from scratch here if we want to create something interesting.

Vote: 5.6

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