SEMEN (Mex): “An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses with Fetid Stench” Cd 2006 American Line

SEMEN (Mex):

It took me a while before doing this review because the promo had arrived without covers, but now Joel sent them and well, let’s crack on some details. The artwok first, looks professional but I admit I don’t like it very much, a bit too technological with all this computer graphics fade ins and sci-fi fonts, the concept is sick and interesting: a morgue, a open cunt, some squirting cocks, stitches etc. but the whole thing looks like real pictures but retouched too heavily with photoshop in a quite cheap way. The lyrics of this band are in Spanish and deal with extreme sex with a slight gore inclination. One should expect a sick goregrind massacre now shouldn’t he? Well, I haven’t heard the previous “Depositos de Semen” demo 2002, but I can tel pretty straight that this one is good, dirty, rough Brutal Death with a strong porn oriented imagery, but definitely not like Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition or other goregrind masters. The distortion is sick and saturate with creaking basses and the vocals guttural to the point of unrecognition, but here we still have the structure and feel of Death Metal, even if taken to extremest levels (like Enmity). There are a lot of intros from big budget to more underground movies (the starting one is from Freddy vs Jason… not a real good one in my opinion) all across the album. The songs are short, somewhat chaotic, so it is not always easy to follow what the guitars do but they become faster and more violent as we approach the end. In the beginning the mid tempos seemed a bit predominant but the blasbeats appear with more frequency as the disc goes. The fast parts are indeed okay, it’s the slower tempos that maybe need some more groove to call this band goregrind with capital “G”. Anyway the sound is vomiting enough for my taste and the vocals phlegmy and deep enough to challenge a bullfrog. I am not a big fan of the screamy vocals that appear sometimes but you know, they always have to put those in for some unfathomable reason. This is an album which is probably a good choice for lovers of more basic, amelodic Death Metal than for those into technical wanking, not as powerful as Suppuration, but gurgling and gory nonetheless. It’s good to hear Freddy opening and closing the album, even if the excerpts are from his last movie.

Vote: 7.7

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