SIN ORIGIN (USA-Oh): “In the Presence of a Dread Magician” Cd 2005 Cybertzara/


Ahah, no please hear the riff starting at minute 1.22 of the second song, man I wish I could rip an mp3 here because you need to hear how terrible this is. Again you get the ill midget vocals but for once they?re not the worse part in the mix, because the guitar riffs here are the real shit. The fast chords are banal but the slow, defined ones are so bad I wonder how could anyone come up with these ideas. They sound like guitar exercises for pop-rock students approaching the guitar for the first time. Stuff for high school cover bands. The sound engineer was probably either completely drunk by boredom or alcohol because the sound here is also lacking continuity. Even concentrating on single elements I cannot tell something that stands out of the general poorness. The vocals are stressed and nasal, the riffs as boring as Sykdom?s, the double bass recorded too high and the rest of the drums too high as well for being so undemanding and uncreative. Loose cold chords a la Enslaved mix with almost Absurd-like epic bridges with totally plain arrangements of nth generation teenager pop rock. I have no clue how we can disentangle from this to something even fairly interesting. Not as desperately hopeless as Sykdom or Thy Endless Wrath, but completely transparent to my interest. So mediocre you forget it as you hear it. I tried stopping the album in the middle and guess what, I couldn?t remember what I was hearing one second before. Labels should no sign bands like this. And for what reason did they write the web designer?s name on the booklet?

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