WOMBBATH (Swe): “Lavatory” MCd 1994 napalm


How this band managed to change so drastically in just one year is beyond me. This stuff is even worse than Morgoth‘s “Feel sorry for the Fanatics” or Entombed‘s “Wolverine Blues”. I haven’t exactly clear what kind of direction they were thinking they were taking when they wrote this. There are some bluesy twists in this pile of shit which could be associated to late Entombed and some of the weirdness of latest Carbonized or Oxiplegatz, but the music is just completely impossible to categorize. Shitty Metal with some attempts at Hard Core, Egyptian folk music, Blues and Space Metal and maybe a bit of erratic experimentations as well. These riffs are bad rock with barking vocals that sound just stupid. There are slow meloidc solos and just way too many minutes of agony in this Ep. This is horrendous, but just to warn you of the difference between this Ep and the album before, and since I spent money to get this myself long ago, I found it nice to post it. Even for an experimental album this is total failure. I wonder if Napalm actually heard this stuff when they signed this band or if they were thinking of finding elements of their previous album.

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