PESTILENCE (Hol): “Chronicles of the Scourge” Cd 2006 Metal War


Consider that for me Pestilence is like mom, apple pie, and country put together. They’re really one of the greatest bands of all times, and this time we have 2 live shows 2 from their best days (1988 and 1989) on a single, official Cd. The sound of these shows is way clearer than I hoped for, I really have heard much worse during my tape trading days. Classics like “Parricide” and “Chemo Theraphy” are enough to make me cum till blood gushes out of the slit. There is really not much to add becouse no sane person would start describing how Pestilence sound like, they’re just one of those bands that were already there before time was created – add the energy of the best thrash of the 80’s, the best vocalist of all times after Chris Reifert, and a huge dose of “IT”, and you get close to what Pestilence stands for in this Kali Yuga of Death Metal music that’s 2000. I cannot really tell much more becouse I know the songs so well I could sing them along (ehe) so I have no idea if you could understand finely both the recordings. The tracks from 1988 are put last and are somwhat more foggy and lower in recording, but if possible have even more evocative power. The bonus tracks is officially unreleased and it’s called “Consuming Impulse”, even if it’s an instrumental, you could clearly feel the touch of their earlier works. Top notch release, get it while you can. The booklet is a bit meager, just 1 folding sheet, but this time the label has been generous with flyers, posters and pictures, there is a collage with dozens of details every fucking where, including the back of the tray. 78 minutes and 11 seconds full of history.

Vote: 8.6

PYREXIA (USA-Ny): “System of the Animal” Cd 1997 Serious Entertainment


I read Pyrexia recently released a collection of old material, a kind of “best of” which might be one of the most insanely nonsense things a band could ever do. But to me their best stuff came out with this “Sytem of the Animal”, an album that has a HUGE dose of slam without being boring baggypant rapcore shit. This is an album that touches a few really hot topics that might have become even more sensitive after the tragedy of 9/11, the album opens with the words of the mad racist black preacher Louis Farrakhan, that decretes white man guilty of living in this world (reminds me of a Minor Threat song). I won’t go into comments about these ideas here, but the point is that this band is conscious about the stuff they write and you feel a surge of hatred out of Keith DiVito’s vocals right into the speakers. There is only one weak song in the whole Cd and it’s the song “Closure” which has lame riffs and lamer lyrics, but the rest is a real powerhouse. The vocals are a bit more throaty than guttural, but the guitars have the crunch of Skinless and Suffocation combined. This is not the Death Metal for those only into Necrovore and Morbid Angel, but it has a lot of power nonetheless. The riffs are a real bullodzer. <br>As a personal note, I’d like to state that there was this nice longsleeve shirt on the booklet of this Cd that could be ordered from Mockery productions (supposedly the very band) and I sent USD 23.00 with a money order to get it but have yet to receive my longsleeve to this day. 9 years seems a bit too much even for Italian post.
For those who might be interested in this Trivia, the label was run by Jacob of Invocator.

Vote: 8.8

PROCLAMATION (Spa): “Advent of the Black Omen” Cd 2006 Ross Bay Cult


I have been recently reproached to introduce more Black Metal reviews on Nuclear Abominations. You ask, I obey. Proclamation from Spain are a fantastic introduction to this subject in my opinion, among the best things I have heard since 2000 along with Crucifire, Necros Christos, Sadogoat, Bazzah, Anal Vomit, Morbosidad etc. Stylistically, this is a band that verges towards the necrobestial sound of early Beherit, with a rough, filthy sound as noisy as a circular saw but not unintelligible, there is really some music being played and not just aimless droning a la Heretic (which are cool anyway). I really adore this kind of blackish bestial sound, it is probably my favorite genre along with the 90’s Swedish/Finn sound. The vocals are a roaring vomit that spews forth blasphemies against god, and that is fine, deep and phlegmy, not just screechy. The drums are hammering and sometimes dangerously close to the sound of a torture room, with chains being pulled and flesh being burned at the unholy rhytm of a satanic gospel, sometimes the uneveness of the recording level makes you think of mistakes, but personally, I prefer to follow the flow instead of concentrating on how many fucking notes are there in a riff. The delicuosly reharsal like sound glues together all elements with satanic echo and rapture, the guitrars are tuned down to ground, and a couple of khaotic Slayerish riffs just complete the whole picture. If you’re after some true Black Metal, this is the path. This stuff has it all: blasphemy, misanthropy, obscure mood, savagery. Even if not as fast as Black Witchery, Proclamation complements its sound with a broken, jagged, totally un-melodic structures, not straight ahead artillery, and of the two, I prefere it this way. Speed is cool, but this coarse sound a la Revenge is even better. Nuclear War Now! also released a vinyl version of this jewel.

Vote: 9.3

GREEN BERET (USA-Al): “Out of Control 1996-2003” collection Cd 2006 Prolapse


Oh wow, this shit is VERY noisy and deranged in a funny way! My first thoughts when reading “Green Beret” in Atari-like fonts were about Konami’s shoot’em up arcade of the same name, ah good days of knife fights after coming back from school! I wonder if this is really such a stupid association, becouse this is unpredictable noise-grind in its purest form, with yells, cat meows and computer effects adorning a fine work of noisy shit a bit a la Agoraphobic Nosebleed but somewhat more concrete, maybe more in the Minch / Schnauzer / Pile of Eggs / Melt Banana way. Whacky but thoroughly enjoyable in its moments of extatic demence. There is some of the sordid humour of mid 80’s trhascore crossover of bands like Spazztic Blurr or Adrenalide O.D. here (add Macabre), but faster and more schizphrenic, in tune with this age. When the riffs are clear and not overcome by dozens of idiot sampling, they’re good punk/hc stuff, but it’s the blur of keyboard based tricks and samples that give this band some special extra edge. The vocals are a combination of strangled yells, punk shouting and ironic laments, while the music, well, it just doesn’t follow strict schemes, but it’s really well made, and relatively easy to listen compared to exreme eastern acts suck as Niku-Do-Rei, probably becouse fundamentally every track has a definite, moshing grindcore structure if you strip them of all the embellishments. I enjoyed this Cd quite much, it’s nasty and weird but not in a stupid way. Humorous but not cheap if you know waht I mean. This is acomplete collection of 60 fucking tracks, so if you want to hear this band this is the way to go. Some tracks towards the ened are really noisier and more brutal, I’d dare saying on the verge of industrial-pwer noise, and you also get a real special track (28) that holds a whole tape release. Real worth checking out. I feel ashamed for not owning anything else by this band, I never wondered it was so good.

Vote: 8.5

YDIN (Fin): “Silvottuna Ja Hapaistyna” MCd-r 2006 s/p [demo]

YDIN (Fin):

Ydin is a very interesting Death Metal group from Finland: not just their monicker (meaning “core”) is a Finnish word, but the whole lyricwork has been put together in their native tongue. I have some records of traditional Finnish folk music (including some Kalevala) but I never actually heard Death Metal sung in Finnish (maybe some punk or crust-core but nothing strictly metallic on the top of my mind). The result seems to be worthy of respect, the language fits this faster, heavy music in a way others like Italian seems to find impossible to accomplish. This is also one of those demos which is recorded and studied in extreme detail, comprising a full color cover art and packaging. My copy came on a Cd-r but as far as I know, the original copies you buy with $ might come on professional printed discs as well, better ask them directly. Loads of structure and thoughtful songwriting can be heard in the music as well, these arrangements are quite complex and definitely beyond the level of amateurish works. This band reminds me a bit of other high level recordings by bands such as Genocrush Ferox, Insision, Strangulation. I am not very much into the higher frequency vocals which sound a bit too nasal, but the growl is deep and sober. The guitar riffs are technical but not surgically cold a la Psycroptic, just think of that latest Cannibal Corpse method of twisting the riffs with loads of harmonics and crushing dissonance. I admit that being crammed in just over 15 minutes, there is a lot of shit going on in here, I won’t rate it neither old school nor mechanically modern, but more like true, sane Death Metal with lots of competence. This is a high quality work that can be ordered for the reasonable price of 10 euros for 5 copies wholesale. Support this band, they’re worth checking out (and their website contains loads of samples and movies as well). When I’ll learn some suomen kieli I’m going to add some critics on the lyrics as well, aha!

Vote: 7.9

ANAL PROBE ANDROID (Bel): “s/t” split Cd with BOWEL FETUS (Aus) 2005 s/p


Anal Probe Android is much more into the cyber field instead, sounds like terrible gabber-grind a la Tourette Syndrome/Red Hot Piggys Pussies but with some extra dose of soundscape experimentation and with looser textures. The music is not as intense as in goregrind, but it’s mostly different loops and cartoon effects coupled with mid tempo beats and 50’s sci-fi laster pistol and rocket gun noises. Samples from South Park and ambient synth effects are abundant here, but they’re arranged so well you figure out it’s not a random amateurish work: it it’s distorted logic, it makes sense, It’s a pink fresco of vomit and broken machinery. Can’t tell you why, but I have started to dig this very much after just 2-3 listens. The vocals are quite difficult to detect as they sound mostly like the slow motion noise in “the six million dollar man”, so they just fall in the mixture like another piece of instrumentation. Very crazy but beautiful, has to be examined from without to appreciate all its fragments.

Vote: 7.8

BOWEL FETUS (Aus): “s/t” split Cd with ANAL PROBE ANDROID (Bel) 2005 s/p


Bowel Fetus‘s trademark chain tire vocals is maybe the clearest point in common these 2 tracks have with “Doomageddon” and other more recent releases by Glen, at least at the beginning. Even if quite heavy, splendid Doom/Death this stuff is less oversaturated and denser than the full-length, with a slightly less accurate songwriting. There is still lots of Autopsy here, but it’s more like “Mental Funeral” than “Acts of the Unspeakable” if you know what I mean. A distant, dehumanized vibe drops in after a few seconds that reminds me also of early Godflesh or even Neurosis, but then things start to grate in a slower and slower pace until the Doom sludginess blossoms at the fullest. A simple drumwork just forms the spine for the songs but quoting Fenriz from Dark Throne, everything just relies on the riffs here, the drums means nothing. And these riffs are heavier you can think of, without sounding Mortician. Full and slimy, this is a kind of heaviness that makes you gasp for air, but just bulldozing crunch a la Cock and Ball Torture. Cold and crushing, this is another jewel from this band, one of the best around these days. Frizzi’s theme from Zombi 2 has always pierced my head with his classic evil hook, and the idea of covering it is brilliant. The Catasexual Urge Motivation cover also put things clear for what are the inspirations of this band. The best of the best ever: Disembowelment, Autopsy, Catasexual Urge Motivation

Vote: 8.8