AMOK (Che): “Lullabies of Silence” Cd 2006 Fastbeast

AMOK (Che):

After so many years of hearing tons of bands of varying degrees of quality, I can almost instinctively discern bollocks from strawberry cream. Yet at times, my gut instinct and my rationality just kick each other in the groin, like with this Swiss Amok. My rational pro journalist side says this is amazingly intricate, hyperfast Death Metal with all the inbred dissonance and experimental trips of Blood of Christ, Korova, even fucking Cryptopsy and the likes. Super stuff indeed, with a jagged multifaceted sound that displays technical prowess and a sense for the hectic and the irrational. Yet my guts are screaming: “how boring is this stuff???” First BIG flaw is the vocals which, to follow the uneven flow of the music, shift from a deep growl with is just massively weak, to really, really awful, horrendous, intolerable, excruciating to hear shrills. This is the high pitch which disturbs the horses in their stables, think Daffy Duck of the Looney Tunes but even higher. They’re really impossible to stand, recording vocals like this is plain offensive. If you manage to erase them from the mix… man they’re intolerable… you get a technical, highly disharmonic affair which is full of sharp turns and weird arrangements, sometimes at the limit of schizophrenia… man these vocals are impossible to stand… The production is again very sharp… man I give up, let’s turn off the stereo, whew…

I was saying.

The production was very sharp and the package fully professional, with pantone silver and all. I won’ recomenf it for people into more emotional, strong Metal, but for those who are always looking forward to hear good musicians deprived of feeling this might be interesting. Man I’ll dream the vocals of this albums tonight. How absurdly weak are these? I cannot even manage to read the lyrics…

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