ANAL PROBE ANDROID (Bel): “s/t” split Cd with BOWEL FETUS (Aus) 2005 s/p


Anal Probe Android is much more into the cyber field instead, sounds like terrible gabber-grind a la Tourette Syndrome/Red Hot Piggys Pussies but with some extra dose of soundscape experimentation and with looser textures. The music is not as intense as in goregrind, but it’s mostly different loops and cartoon effects coupled with mid tempo beats and 50’s sci-fi laster pistol and rocket gun noises. Samples from South Park and ambient synth effects are abundant here, but they’re arranged so well you figure out it’s not a random amateurish work: it it’s distorted logic, it makes sense, It’s a pink fresco of vomit and broken machinery. Can’t tell you why, but I have started to dig this very much after just 2-3 listens. The vocals are quite difficult to detect as they sound mostly like the slow motion noise in “the six million dollar man”, so they just fall in the mixture like another piece of instrumentation. Very crazy but beautiful, has to be examined from without to appreciate all its fragments.

Vote: 7.8

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