CORPSICKLE (Aus): “Unleashed in the Deceased” split Cd with ROADSIDE BURIAL (Aus) 2006 Grindhead


Okay you won’t believe me but I actually have already heard of Corpsickle a few years ago, I think I have even some stuff by them in the dimensional rift that’s my collection up there behind my back. Indeed, this band was disbanded for a long time and this is their come back. In respect to Roadside Burial, things change quite noticeable here. The drum machine (I am not sure but the sound is very mechanical) adds a degree of sterility to the music but the work remains quite real. The vocals are real good, deep but with some added malignity, not just guttural. I don’t like it very much when the music starts to go faster becouse the plastic drums just become too invasive and the riffs tend to fall into overly listenable melodies a la Aurora Borealis. But the mid and slower tempos just work out really neatly. I’d like to hear this band with a real drummer, becouse if we drop the cold melodic chords, we have some scattered interesting parts. At the end of the listening, I have to admit this side leaves a few question marks, tho. The songs have no real structure but really suffer from the lack of a coherent flow, seems as if every single riff has been glued together with the next one without much afterthought. They also tend to be a bit repetitive and some of them even fall dangerously close to the dreaded tarantella borderland. The only memorable thing here in the end is the singer, ah, I guess they should swap him with Amok‘s one then, since they have the opposite problem meseems ahr.

Vote: 5.5

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