DEPRECATED (USA-Ca): “Deriding His Creation” MCd 1998 Headfucker


When I heard Deprecated first, I told Carlo of Headfucker I thought this was their label’s best release and I still confirm it. Maybe the sound is a bit vintage, but here is one of the milestones that helped building today’s world wide Brutal Death Metal scene. Haling from the same strip of earth that spawned Deeds of Flesh and Disgorge, here we have bass-heavy, steel sharp Brutal Death Metal with guttural vocals and a churning mass of chunky riffs hacking and chopping with stubborn efficiency. This one of the first bands I can think of that dropped all sense of melody and obscuity in order to follow the utterly cold and calculating methodology of American Death Metal brought to its current limits. No solos in here, just a bunch of crushing slams to break the pace of the songs. The drummer is quite precise for the time being and the bass has just a stingy sound that adds to the sense of inhumanity (same bass player that now is in Suffocation). But the vocals of monsieur Magana are the real icing oin the cake. Considering we’re talking about stuff released 8 years ago, I believe it still has some dignity. I just read the band is again on track so… I will not upload soundclips this time even if I was ready to, becouse you can hear their FULL MCd at their myspace page. The mp3 quality is a bit low, the sound on the Cd is not so rough, but hey, you get this for free. The packaging is a bit bare but this was planned to be a debut release at the time, probably not the only one.

Vote: 8.9

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