GREEN BERET (USA-Al): “Out of Control 1996-2003” collection Cd 2006 Prolapse


Oh wow, this shit is VERY noisy and deranged in a funny way! My first thoughts when reading “Green Beret” in Atari-like fonts were about Konami’s shoot’em up arcade of the same name, ah good days of knife fights after coming back from school! I wonder if this is really such a stupid association, becouse this is unpredictable noise-grind in its purest form, with yells, cat meows and computer effects adorning a fine work of noisy shit a bit a la Agoraphobic Nosebleed but somewhat more concrete, maybe more in the Minch / Schnauzer / Pile of Eggs / Melt Banana way. Whacky but thoroughly enjoyable in its moments of extatic demence. There is some of the sordid humour of mid 80’s trhascore crossover of bands like Spazztic Blurr or Adrenalide O.D. here (add Macabre), but faster and more schizphrenic, in tune with this age. When the riffs are clear and not overcome by dozens of idiot sampling, they’re good punk/hc stuff, but it’s the blur of keyboard based tricks and samples that give this band some special extra edge. The vocals are a combination of strangled yells, punk shouting and ironic laments, while the music, well, it just doesn’t follow strict schemes, but it’s really well made, and relatively easy to listen compared to exreme eastern acts suck as Niku-Do-Rei, probably becouse fundamentally every track has a definite, moshing grindcore structure if you strip them of all the embellishments. I enjoyed this Cd quite much, it’s nasty and weird but not in a stupid way. Humorous but not cheap if you know waht I mean. This is acomplete collection of 60 fucking tracks, so if you want to hear this band this is the way to go. Some tracks towards the ened are really noisier and more brutal, I’d dare saying on the verge of industrial-pwer noise, and you also get a real special track (28) that holds a whole tape release. Real worth checking out. I feel ashamed for not owning anything else by this band, I never wondered it was so good.

Vote: 8.5

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